Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wow... it's been a long time. Summary of my life: Chels and friends came for 5 days, Hailey and babies came for four days, AJ came for 1 week! In between we had a few frinds' get togethers, a couple dates with the husband, and then just last weekend a trip to Utah. So we've been busy but I haven't felt like posting. Sorry! Side note: I've been checking everyone's blogs and have been really lazy about posting comments... I'm going to step up my game and show some love!

Top things on my mind right now:

1) Where would be a great vacation for Yosh and I to go on in October without the kids? Who wants to come with us?!! I'm a little bitter right now b/c I want to be on the cruise with the others... I should be in mexico right now!!!

2) How do I raise my kids so that they don't end up on the show INTERVENTION? That would break my heart.

3) How come I'm not motivated to workout, clean, shower, cook, or do anything else? Can you believe I went to the gym for an hour today and only worked out for 20 minutes?!! That's right, I snuck out of my class 20 minutes into it then checked my email and relaxed on one of the loungers in the sun for the rest of the time. Who goes into a class and 20 minutes into it just doesn't feel motivated? Oh well, maybe Thursday I'll have more luck!

4) How do I have a three year old? Is it really possible that three years have passed?

Cousins B's B-day!

The friends! Cheese!


  1. I can't believe your gym has a lounge and internet access and stuff. I'd be doing the exact same thing if mine did. They'd have to kick me out everyday and buckle the kids in the car for me! :)

  2. Don't feel too bad about the 'not doing anything' issue. We have those moments. Unfortunately for me, it is about 75% of the time. :)

  3. BTW, our website address is different now. It is now www.denkefamily.com Just thought you should know since the link you have on your site is to the old one.

  4. We've missed you in the blogging world. I was really getting sick of reading about Yosh. I am also completely unmotivated and it's really starting to show in my house. Ugh!

  5. The cupcakes look delish Gay! I see you got the star tip. Did you have fun with it or was it just another thing to do? Let me know how it all went!

  6. we had so much fun with you gusy here!!! Dev already misses her cousins so MUCH!!! Once we get settled in the new house you will have to send them out to feed the horses!!! :)

  7. very cute cupcakes - did you do those? love them. and i am having the urge to look up mexican vacations tonight. and i want to go to the beach soon and get out of the 100 degree valley heat we are supposed to be getting. will you call me back already??

  8. p.s. can't believe my little B is, as he said "like 3".

  9. Hey it was so fun to see you. I am glad to see that you have finally updated your blog. If it makes you feel any better I am turning 23 in a month and I have never been motivated one day of my life to work out!!!


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