Monday, April 14, 2008

Wow, that last experience really was old news compared to our latest! On Thursday at 6:30 am I get a phone call from Yosh saying that we got "the invite"- that would be the American Idol invite! Holla! Yosh unfortunately wasn't able to go to the show but I was! (Thanks to Nancy who took a flight over with about a 2 minute heads up... whoops! Thank you thank you!!) And he was able to join me for the dinner after the show with all the Idols. As you can tell by the photos, he went ahead and took the opportunity to work the crowds. That's right, Yosh came right out of his shell! (For those of you that know Yosh well, you will find it funny imagining him walkning up to the contestants, making small chat, and asking for a photo!)

Highlights of the night:

1) Seeing Brooke and getting to hang out again! So good just to be around her and be reminded of what a great person she is!
2) Being in the audience of Michael John's routine. He talked about all the other contestants for about 20 minutes and I can't tell you the last time I laughed so hard!
3) Having a day and night off with no kids! (Sounds bad, but it's needed every now and then!)
4) Seeing how everything works behind the scenes. Hate to disappoint you, but Jordan Sparks was not there and her performance was not live.
5) Seeing Paula prance around like a bit of a lost kitty cat.

Overall it was an excellent night!! As always, a reminder to vote for Brooke tomorrow night. I'm sure everyone was shocked that Michael John's got voted off. It just goes to prove that no one is safe unless we vote!

PS There is a viewing party for Brooke tomorrow night if anyone is interested!


  1. Gay as always I am jealous of you and your wonderful life. You look great! I am loving your long hair.

  2. WOW! You really are the coolest couple on the planet. I am so happy for you guys. It is so fun to read about your eventful life!

  3. i'm jealous too! looks like SO much fun!! and you know i am totally with you on needing a night off from the kids now and then.

  4. Too bad I don't watch American Idol and have no idea what you're talking still looks like fun though. Next time you go to a Survivor party (or The Office), let me know, then I'll be jealous for sure!

  5. You guys are Idol junkies! That is so so so cool that you got to go and experience all of that. Brooke is just as beautiful in those picture as she is on the show!

  6. ok not FAIR!!! I cant believe josh honestly posed for those pictures. we cant wait to come visit we are counting down the days

  7. Wow, Yosh and Gay. You really do live in LA. Yoshy, you're extremely photogenic! IF i get a much needed night off from the kidditos, I think I'll be heading to LA. I feel like I know all the contestants and what's going on and I don't even have cable. This is great!!

  8. gay, that is the freakiness coolest story. awesome!

  9. go Archuletta...go Archie, go Archie!

    sorry, Gay...he's been my favorite since the beginning. Brooke is just TOO nice, and I think she's always trying to make excuses when she does bad!

    lo siento chiquilla la verdad, y lo sabes!

  10. There's a little too much partying goin' on here!!

  11. YOSH, you duh man! We are proud of you! We can't believe Gay thinks you are shy, what's that about? ;) Look'n good with the super peeps. Like I said before, can we be friends?

  12. Hello,
    I found your blog by accident while looking for a friend a few weeks ago. I was intrigued that you know Brooke. She was one of our favorites in our family. We were so disappointed she was voted off. There were others that should have gone before her. We wanted to see her in the finale. Please let her know that some anonymous, LDS fans from Arizona were sad to see her go.


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