Monday, October 8, 2007

Fun-filled weekend

This weekend we had muchos family dates, which made for quite a fun weekend. Friday, the boys and I met Yosh after he got off work and went over to The Grove. We actually had a decent dinner with the boys at the Cheesecake Factory (of course, this meant sitting down and immediately ordering the food, hoping to be in and out of there before they realized what we were doing to them!) We took a ride on the little trolley that runs along there and then took advantage of the outdoor music. They had a band that started playing right around 7. The boys absolutely loved it. We could all just dance and be kids again. It was so fun.
Sat morning I got up and ran a 10k at Manhattan Beach. I had never been there before. Now that I have, I feel like maybe we should move there! (That happens quite often down here when I go to a new city!) It had a smaller town feeling and was obviously right on the ocean! A lot of fun. Later that afternoon, the fam went up to the galleria where the boys could run around and enjoy some fresh air.

They have a little water show at The Grove and the boys were fascinated by it.
Porter enjoying the flowers!
Yosh and Dallin on the trolley (Dallin called it a train, of course!)

The boys and I at the Galleria. Take note of the excellent long sleeve T I'm sporting. That was the t-shirt for the 10k. It is the best long sleeve ever. I think I'll be running in the race every year just for the t-shirt.

Other top moments:
1) I walked in the house after coming home from my run and Porter was just as happy as could be to see me. He kept putting his arms around my neck and giving me open-mouthed kisses and then just laughing.
2) Dallin thinking he was taking pictures of birds and telling them to scoot back and chasing them around trying to get them to pose for him.
3) Dallin feeding Porter these huge grapes with a fork.
4) Porter trying to have at least 4 grapes at a time in his mouth.


  1. I'm jealous of your weekend! Sounds like a ton of fun! I like the image I get when I think of Porter with 4 grapes in his mouth ;-)

  2. OK I am totally missing the boys and I guess you guys too :) !!! They are such studs. I can jsut imagne Dallin telling the birds what to do. haha hope we get to see you guys soon!

  3. Reading about your boys cracks me up! Way to go on the run!


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