Here's the reasons that I can explain:

1)Truth be told........I subconsciously think in blog posts. Weirdest thing ever. As I'm thinking about any given subject, my mind automatically formats it into a blog post. I've finally started writing more of them down.

2) It's cheap therapy. 

3) It's cheap happiness.

4) I remember a couple years ago realizing this was what I had to offer my kids and family. I don't scrapbook, I don't do great with taking candid pictures, I barely decorate for the Holidays, etc. There's a lot of things I'm not good at it. But through these notes, they'll know and understand their Mom's life better, which will in turn help them to know their childhood. Recording life is what I can offer them.

5) This is my medium for touching life; life that is all-consuming and constant and passionate and enveloping. So much so that I have trouble taking it in. And appreciating it. And remembering why it is so amazing. But I want to remember it and appreciate it and soak it up....so I write. It's the tool that allows me to reach out and touch moments... and thoughts... and insights that are whizzing past me in the blink of an eye. It provides the clarity for me to search out these moments that capture the life I'm trying to create- to hold my focus on what I choose to. To remember those brewing thoughts in this mind of mine. To make sense of problems I'm trying to solve. Writing becomes my net, to catch the beauty of life in my hand and admire it for as long as I want. And then go back a week later, a month later....and admire it again. It gifts me this time and time again.

6) Somehow, this blog gives me a sense of accountability. And, heaven help me, I need a sense of accountability. Just take my word for it.

7)  This is where I invite you into my world for an up-close and personal peek at my life.....even if you are a million miles away. And then we can chat about it. I like people. I love interaction....I'll take any form of it I can get!

8) I didn't get the draw for my number 1 pick... to come to Earth as a hip-hop dancer. Fortunately, choice #2 is working out alright....a writing Mom.


And now for the one that is a bit more untouchable:

I want to help YOU. If you're taking the time to read this- right here, right now-- I hope that my blog, my words, are of some kind of help. I want to open up my life- the good, the bad, the funny, the humiliating- so that YOU feel less alone. That somehow my experiences help you to realize the same thing I'm realizing in my life....that not only am I just GOOD....but I'm good enough. Just the way I am. And so are you. We can all try to be better, do better, love more, but we're also good enough just the way we are.



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