the crew

Kaia Marie~ here she is in all her beauty- the baby girl we didn't know we needed.  She has become the ruler of our house. We're  smitten by her gorgeous smile and adorable giggle...we've all fallen victim.'s really that bad!
{Jan 2011}
Deeter Lucas~ the boy who makes us laugh..and frustrates us to pieces. He's ready to play with the big boys and content hanging with the little sis. He's a fun one to have around....unless you need to get something done...or have him obey in public.
{June 2009}
Porter Pope~ He melts our heart with his sweet smile. When he's on, he's on. And when he's off...well, cover your ears. There's gonna be some screaming. He's a sports boy, a reader, and a lover of school.
{Sept 2006}

Dallin Bradley~ the big brother who was MADE for that role. He does well being the oldest. And still has charm to spare....that's right, he's a ladies' man for sure. That is when he takes time to break free from whatever sport is available at the time. Gonna have to keep a tight leash on that little sir come a few years!
{May 2005}

Yosh and Gay~ I mean what is there to say about two people with the names Yosh and Gay? We get a good chuckle out of that and we're actually not as spicy as our names. We're responsible for those 4 pictured above...happy to have that responsibility be in Southern California- where the sun's always out and the people are chill.

{Married Dec 2003}
PS We still like each other.....


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